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A Group, That Can Be Trusted

We are a small, but powerful and independent team of digital project creators, truly loving our job. We start each day with new ideas, help each other grow and learn from one another. Each project needs to be perfected to the extent that allows us to support the reputation of a trusted partner and raises the bar of our ambition higher and higher.

About Us

We know, that you needed it yesterday

We try to organize our work clearly in order to make tasks operatively and in time. Every project is managed and implemented by professionals. It allow to make objective evaluation of the project and its high quality realization. Our team is focused on results and fruitful cooperation with each client. So, even extreme deadlines and complex tasks are implemented quickly and qualitatively.

  • Meet our CEO
    Rodion BezrukFounder & CEO
  • The story of the DevIT creation from the CEO & founder

    The DevIT company was created in 2013. Back this year, I remember the very beginning of our work. We were a small, but extremely ambitious team. We started by creating landing pages and websites. We were very inspired by the idea of implementing something completely new and leaving our contribution to the IT sphere.

  • About the DevIT Group

    Our team is more than 100 IT experts who love their job and are highly focused only on the best results. Having a large professional background, our group members create powerful apps and websites using the best of their experience. This gives us an edge when it comes to understanding the needs of our customers. We are eager to create exclusively high-quality IT products to help our clients develop their businesses better and faster.

  • We create everything for everyone

    DevIT creates digital products for online businesses. We're making everything – developing individual websites, ideally emphasizing business advantages, large-scale projects, such as streaming platforms and Web apps for online business. We have clients all around the world and work with lots of business directions.

  • Our products in the international market

    Our group has developed a lot of apps for Shopify eCommerce platform that are already in high demand today. These apps are aimed at many aspects of the business, such as LangShop multi-currency and multi-language for involving more audience, ReSell for promoting products to have a higher AOV, React Flow for business automation, and others.

  • Important goals of a BIG company

    In less than 8 years we've become a big company with no less big prospects and goals. Our main goal is to help businesses develop faster using our products and their owners to achieve their goals as easily as possible.

  • Visionary look into the future

    In the nearest future, we plan to expand the scale of our company and create a powerful group with several offices both in Ukraine and abroad. We will continue our work in the direction of Web-development. Our software team will develop new powerful applications for online businesses to help them grow and make their work more effective. We strive to achieve new heights with no less high results.

Our mission is your success

We have always regarded our work as an important IT mission. The best result of our work is your success. With each product that we create, we keep improving our skills taking our level to a higher one, trying to provide better services to our clients.