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Find a common language with the whole world and sell more with Selectors.

  • Custom design

    The app provides multiple settings for selector customization. Create your own custom design.

  • Selector

    Important elements of your Shopify store that allow customers to switch prices to their local currencies and understand what they are going to buy.

  • Suggestion Banners

    Allows customers to select local language and currency at the first visit to your store.


Flexible Customization


Pre-designed settings

We have collected multiple design solutions and color schemes for all occasions. So, you can select the appropriate template and create a selector design that will best fit the design of your store.

Flexible Customization

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We have collected multiple design solutions and color schemes for all occasions. So, you can select the appropriate template and create a selector design that will best fit the design of your store.

You have an opportunity to use all the resources at once or separately. For example, you can add only a language selector or add both language and currency.

Shopify provides various themes for its users. This encourages us to offer many types of selectors because we want your store to look good. Therefore, Selector provides different selector types. They may look and act differently.

Despite the variety of types and color schemes, you still have the opportunity to customize the selectors to your needs. Different custom colors and typography settings are at your disposal. Select colors, change the text, font, and background that suits you best.

Shopify Markets

To make the Selector app the most efficient, our team learned a lot about the Shopify Markets. This cross-border tool helps you to manage your international markets from a single store. We are well acquainted with the functionality of this service and we took into account all the nuances when developing our application.

Our application supports all languages and currencies supported by Shopify. If you use several languages or/and currencies on your store, you can add the Selector app to switch them with ease. On our website, you can find the list of available languages and currencies. Check them out and start improve your store with us.

Use without restrictions


Total free

  • Unlimited currencies & languages

    There are no limitations for currencies and languages. The app provides all languages and currencies supported by shopify.

  • All color schemes & types access

    Access to multiple types. The app provides various types and color schemes for selectors.

  • Unlimited selectors

    Create as many language and currency selectors as you need and add to your shopify store.

  • Full customization

    Access of available settings. Create selectors that will look organic in your store.

  • Recommendation banner

    Ability to add a recommendation banner that will offer customers to select the preferred language and currency.

  • Premium support

    Help desk priority level. Get quick and professional support 24/7.


Total free

  • Unlimited currencies & languages
  • All color schemes & types access
  • Unlimited selectors
  • Full customization
  • Recommendation banner
  • Premium support
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The Selector app supports all currencies and languages supported by Shopify. If you want to know the full list of the supported currencies and languages, please refer to the Shopify Help Center.

Yes, of course. You can add a banner that will offer customers to select the required language and currency.

Sure! The app provides multiple options for customization. There are various types and color schemes available for you.

No, there are no additional payments. The app is totally free.

Yes, of course! Our support managers work 24/7 and you can contact them anytime. There are a few ways to contact us: email, live chat, and call. Relevant features you will find inside the application or you can write to our e-mail: [email protected]


Let us share with you featured testimonials about our applications

I needed help modifying the position of the language selection. The team was super responsive, and within a few hours the edits were done.Thank you very much!

Excellent, the technician helps me to configurate everything and now its so functional. Miles ago from geolacation, so so better :)

Excellent app, the support help me to set the langage selector on my header.They are very helpfull thank you !

nice and easy way to change currency and language for your shop customers its what I'm looking for for long time

Excelent! Support team is wonderfull i was having some issues from my side... and they manage to resolve super fast! App works smooth! Highly recomend!

Recommended app for your Shopify online store. I use this app and that was more than OK.Thank you team

The support team was super helpful to help me understand an issue I was having. The app works perfectly! It's the only one I've found that works as expected from me: showing the pop-up to only specific scenarios.

Fantastic app and service. Had a few tweaks and it is perfect now and exactly what I was looking for. clean, sharp and simple :) Dayana was amazing!

The app is very simple to install and set up. Support answers very fast and are helpful! Recommend the app and the team behind it

Wir verwenden den Selector bloß um zwischen Deutsch und Englisch umschalten zu können. Ich hab ihn INLINE, mit custom position dorthin platziert, wo er gut hinpasst - damit er auch nicht etwas anderes überlagert. Klappt gut und erfüllt seinen Zweck

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