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Key to effective workflow

Automation is a key to effective workflow. That's what our application does! React Flow allows users to automate workflow. The app gets merchants free of constant routine tasks.

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React Flow
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  • Create automate workflow

    Manage blogs, stop wasting time on boring and repetitive tasks. React Flow will do all this work for you automatically, while you can focus on business development

  • Available for all plans

    React Flow is available for all Shopify plans. Every store owner can install the app for free to create the workflow in a few clicks and get the maximum benefit.

  • Delay tasks

    All your tasks are done at the right time. You no longer need to keep track of them. Just set a Delay after which they will be completed.

  • Create combinations of tasks with multiple conditions and actions

    React Flow allows you to combine different conditions and actions in one workflow, so you have more tasks done at once.


Popular workflow


Order Workflows

Automate tasks when there are some actions needed with orders. Categorize them by their amount, check the high-risk orders and cancel them, create a draft or reward customers when it is paid, and more.

  • Order Created
  • Order deleted
  • Order cancelled
  • Order fulfilled
  • Order paid
  • Draft order created
  • Draft order deleted
  • Order transaction created
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Automate your business - not your life!

As a business owner, you know the exact value of the time. So, focus on the priority things that drive your business forward while all the other routine tasks are done independently.

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Automate tasks when there are some actions needed with orders. Categorize them by their amount, check the high-risk orders and cancel them, create a draft or reward customers when it is paid, and more.

Create a simple and easy-to-navigate catalog of products that are automatically well-sorted by different categories. Notify customers about the new products, delete the out-of-stock ones, promote and track the inventory, mark with specific tags.

Build a trusting relationship with customers. With React Flow you can resolve different problems such as automatic shipping, refunding, segmenting new customers, or sending thank-you emails to them.

It is very difficult to keep track of the number of goods in stock in the daily routine. So, React Flow automatically tracks the number of your items and replenishes the stock of goods on time.

What can be more pleasant for a customer than attention and care? You can express it with the help of React Flow. To keep clients loyal you can automatically assign VIP status for loyal customers and reward them with discounts.


Try React Flow free for 14 days, no credit card required

$0 USD/mon
$9 USD/mon
$19 USD/mon
$99 USD/mon
Number of workflowNumber of workflows available for concurrent use
Number of runsNumber of times the sequence is triggered per month
Usage chargesAn additional payment for runs over the limit. Automate as many processes as you need.
$0,03 per run$0,02 per run$0,01 per runNo usage fees
Unlimited conditionsAccess to the full list of Conditions
Unlimited triggerAccess to the full list of triggers
Unlimited actionsAccess to the full list of actions
SupportHelp Desk Priority Level


0/ mon
  • 5 Workflows
  • 500 runs
  • No usage charges
  • Unlimited conditions
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Unlimited Actions
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9/ mon
  • Unlimited numbers of workflows
  • 10,000 numbers of runs
  • Usage charges $0,02 per run
  • Unlimited conditions
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Unlimited Actions
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19/ mon
  • Unlimited numbers of workflows
  • Unlimited numbers of runs
  • Usage charges $0,01 per run
  • Unlimited conditions
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Unlimited Actions
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99/ mon
  • Unlimited numbers of workflows
  • Unlimited numbers of runs
  • No usage charges
  • Unlimited conditions
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Unlimited Actions
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Workflow - it is a chain of trigger, condition, and action that allows you to automate processes. For example, you can add the tag NEW when a new product is created in the store. If you want to learn more about workflow examples, you can visit our Help Center and check the article Most Popular Flows.

React Flow can automate different workflows - repeated tasks that merchants usually do manually by themselves or hire employees for this. For example, you can automatically track the quantity of products in stock, add tags, send required notifications or emails to customers, etc. In our Help Center you can read about the Most Popular Flows.

The app provides multiple triggers and actions, so you can automate many processes. For example, you can add marketing tags, send every day report with low stock items, inform about the high-risk order, send a reminder about unfulfilled order to the store owner, etc.

Yes, we have. We value your time, so we have created ready-made templates of the most popular flows. You can select the appropriate template and use it immediately. In our article, you can read more about React Flow Templates.

Yes, sure. The app has an Activity section where you will see the results of each workflow.

This is the number of times each individual workflow is run. For example, you want to assign a VIP tag to clients who bought goods worth more than 1000 USD. The flow will run every time a customer orders to check if a VIP tag needs to be added. This counts as one run.

If you reach the limit, your workflow will continue working. But each subsequent launch over the limit will cost the additional usage fee according to your subscription plan. Note that usage fee will be charged even during the trial period.

Limits are reset on the first day of each month. New limits are added on the same day. So, from the first of the month, you can again use the limit provided by your subscription plan.

No, application pricing is as transparent as possible. You have a monthly payment and if you do not exceed the limit, you are charged a monthly fee. If you exceed the limit, then you should pay usage fees.

Yes, sure. You can upgrade or downgrade plan anytime. On the Plans page you will find available plans. Select the plan that suits you best.

Yes, of course our app is partner-friendly. You can use it for free while developing your store in a developers mode.

We provide a free-trial period when you can test all features for free. Note that if you exceed runs limit, usage fees will be charged even during the trial period. After the end of the trial period, you will be charged for the month. If you delete the application before the end of the test period, you will not be charged. Also, you can always book Demo of application and our support will gladly show you the application.

Yes, of course! Our support managers work 24/7 and you can contact them anytime. There are a few ways to contact us: email, live chat, and call. Relevant features you will find inside the application or you can write to our e-mail: [email protected]


Let us share with you featured testimonials about our applications

Very good app and great customer service. They were able to help me in getting our workflows running correctly quickly and efficiently.

Sergey has really helped me install this app. i have been using shopify flow app but its not as advance as this app. would recommend this one as the support is great

Great automation tool, with straightforward actions and triggers. Very easy to configure and a pleasure to use. Boosted my shop

Love this app for simple coding that I need done daily! Such as weekly product low inventory reports and tagging new products to appear in the right collection.

This app does exactly what they say. It's easy to use and the cost is competitive. We highly recommend.

Superb customer service! I also wish I had known about this app sooner as it would have saved a LOT of headache for us!

The team is doing an amazing job. Fast replies and they actually listen to new ideas and feedback. The flows and automations is easy to set up and understand and gives a lot of new possibilities in Shopify.

I asked if it were possible to add a new variable so that it is more personalised to the customer, and they were able to do this within a matter of weeks - thank you so much! This is going to save us HOURS of repetitive work each day :)

Best app .It really help us a lot.We automate all the workflow with this app.Thank you very much !!!

Excellent application. I use this to add metafields for new products. It works beautifully and the one time i had an issue with it, Tech support was able to look into this. Absolutely Brilliant!

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