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Build Post-Purchase upsell funnels

Meet ReSell! An application that will double your income and drive your store to the top position.

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  • Easy One-click Upsell

  • Customizable upsell offer

  • Keep everything under control

Double your revenue with Post-Purchase Upsell

Don't wait for a good moment to offer your customers more products! Take advantage of this moment right after your customers have made a purchase. Offer them additional products on the “Post-Purchase” page or promote these products on the “Thank You” page. It will increase your AOV, customer lifetime value, and your total revenue as well.

  • Post-purchase upsell funnels

    Display offers on different stages of purchase

  • Customizable funnel offers

    Design your funnels view, edit text, upload images, add blocks

  • Upsell tracking

    Track total revenue, conversion rate, total views, etc.


Why you need ReSell?


What is ReSell?

Increase your sales by offering customers beneficial sales on additional products

ReSell it's a post-purchase upsell application. It allows add promotional banners with beneficial sales on additional products on the Post-purchase or Thank you pages.

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Why you need ReSell?

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Increase your sales by offering customers beneficial sales on additional products

Create and launch your first promotional funnel in a few minutes

After the customer has made a purchase your first upsell offer will pop up next.


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Unlimited offers impressions
Funnels analytics
Orders limitThe maximum number of orders without additional usage fees. Select the plan with the required number.
Unlimited ordersUp to 250 orders/mo (total orders on your store)Up to 1,000 orders/mo (total orders on your store)Unlimited orders
Usage chargeAn additional payment for orders over the limit.
5% of extra revenue generated by the app$0.02 per order over 250 orders$0.01 per order over 1,000 ordersNo usage fee
SupportHelp Desk Priority Level

Pay as you go

0/ mon
  • Unlimited offers impressions
  • Funnels analytics
  • Unlimited orders
  • 5% of extra revenue generated by the app
  • Basic support
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14.99/ mon
  • Unlimited offers impressions
  • Funnels analytics
  • Up to 250 orders/mo (total orders on your store)
  • $0.02 per order over 250 orders
  • Basic support
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24.99/ mon
  • Unlimited offers impressions
  • Funnels analytics
  • Up to 1,000 orders/mo (total orders on your store)
  • $0.01 per order over 1,000 orders
  • Dedicated Support
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49.99/ mon
  • Unlimited offers impressions
  • Unlimited orders
  • No usage fees
  • No usage fee
  • VIP Support
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Post-purchase offers are additional sales pages or blocks that are presented to customers immediately after they complete their purchase. The customer can buy a promoted product in one click. These offers are risk-free and can increase the average order value.

No, they don’t need to re-enter their payment information. Your customer just accepts the offer and it’s charged automatically. There is another situation - you can place the offer on the Thank you page. If the customer wants to buy the additional product from the Thank you page, he will need to re-enter payment information during this new order.

According to the Shopify rules you can add 2 additional products to the post-purchase offer and start a new additional order from the Thank you page.

When the customer completes checkout, he sees the first post-purchase offer. If the customer accepts this offer, he sees the second upsell offer (it’s optional). In case when the customer declines the first offer, he sees the down-sell offer (also optional). After this, the customer sees the Thank you page where you can place 1 offer.

You can create an unlimited number of funnels. Our application doesn’t have limitations for funnel creation.

Sure! ReSell has a build-in editor. Lots of different widgets available for customization in post-purchase and thank you page offers. NO coding skills are required. All offers can be customized, so they will look harmonious with the design of your store.

No, there is no limits on customers orders.

Yes, ReSell has such option. You can show certain recommended products for certain countries.

Yes. You can book a demo of the ReSell application and our support manager will call you and demonstrate app’s features.

Yes, of course! Our support managers work 24/7 and you can contact them anytime. There are a few ways to contact us: email, live chat, and call. Relevant features you will find inside the application or you can write to our e-mail: [email protected]


Let us share with you featured testimonials about our applications

it was easy to navigate, other app I had to watch YouTube videos and still could not figure out. This app has it all in one

Everything you need and easy to set up. Supportive of small business. A+

Best app ever. Fast support, functional, and the pricing is the best in the market. The set up is easy and up and running within less than 20 mins. Highly recommended

Once you figure out that this app works a little differently the other Upsell apps it is really quite powerful. I've played with several options before arriving and sticking with this one. Further to that the support is just what it should be. Supportive.

Great app, I just started using it and basic steps are easy to follow

Easily the most versatile and customisable upsell software. It's easy to use (I must have looked at them all), has the most advanced features, the lowest price, and the best support. The support has been really responsive and open to new ideas.

Great app! SOOOO much better that ReConvert! Super user-friendly. Customer service is great too.

Good place to resell things.

I recently integrated Resell App into my e-commerce business, and I must say, it's been a game-changer. This post-purchase app, equipped with AI technology, revolutionizes the way we choose products and creates funnels to boost Average Order Value (AOV).

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